In order to help fight global warming and stop a massively wasteful practice, allow anyone to "Opt Out" of receiving unwanted junk mail. The USPS is one of the leading causes of deforestation in the United States 660 million pieces of mail are delivered each day to over 120 million locations. If you multiply that by 6 days a week you get 3,960,000,000 pieces. If you multiply that by 52 weeks you get 205,920,000,000. A significant portion of what is delivered is transferred from the mailbox to the trash bin within minutes. The United States Postal Service does rely on junk mail for revenue. They would need to increase their rates in order to make up for the loss of revenue in junk mail, however the current cost, annoyance, and environmental impact would be greatly reduced if we could simply opt-out.


Create a system through which citizens can opt-out of all unsolicited mailings.


There are many regulations designed to protect the privacy of consumers, and yet, most Americans still find themselves in databases of consumers designed for solicitation. There is no single, concerted protection against this invasion of privacy.


44% of junk mail is thrown away unopened - The Sierra Club