Heidi has spent much of her career working in government, including time at the White House, the Virginia Attorney General’s Office, and on the campaign trail. She has a Political Science degree from American University in Washington, D.C., in addition to a Law degree from the University of Richmond School of Law. She most recently worked at a powerful government affairs firm, where she experienced the true power of lobbying and came up with the idea for CrowdLobby.


Sam comes to CrowdLobby with degrees in Anthropology, International Studies, and Economics from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Law degree with a focus on Environmental Law from the University of Richmond. She has worked in various nonprofits focusing on the environment, education, low-income services, and promoting diversity, among others.


Matt has degrees in engineering, applied economics, and an MBA from Virginia Tech. He has supported the design, implementation, and development of technology projects in over a dozen countries. Matt’s work focuses on aligning business goals and strategy with technology to create profitable business models focused on social impact.


CrowdLobby equally considers financial, societal, and environmental/ecological impacts when making decisions. This “triple bottom line” approach represents a shift in business and values both people and the planet. We strive to be a steward for our contributors, our employees, and for the Earth.

CrowdLobby is only beholden to its contributors and does not have a political agenda. CrowdLobby is a nonpartisan organization. We will host issues from all across the political spectrum, so long as they meet our vetting criteria. The personal beliefs or interests of our founders and employees do not impact the issues we host.

CrowdLobby recognizes and values the power of the Crowd and will remain devoted to its mission as a voice for the people. American democracy is built on the basic premise that there is wisdom in numbers and that every member of society should be permitted to voice his or her opinion in government and otherwise. We do not believe this goal should end after Election Day, and so we seek to empower the Crowd in every way possible.

CrowdLobby will never sell user data to third parties and earnestly respects its users’ privacy. We understand the sensitivity of the data we collect and are committed to protecting it.

CrowdLobby is dedicated to transparency and will make many aspects of its business available to the public, so long as there is no danger to users or the integrity of a campaign. We understand that our business model is new and that there are many complications involved with lobbying, which is why we promise to be as transparent as possible every step of the way.

CrowdLobby respects and cherishes the diversity of all individuals. “Honest difference of views and honest debate are not disunity. They are the vital process of policy among free men.” - Herbert Hoover


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